Our highly trained staff here at Mona Lisa Touch SD, is well equipped to provide you with the highest level of professional obstetric and gynecological care. We are certified to treat a variety of conditions and will customize a treatment plan to be tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

We know going to the doctor isn’t always convenient or fun, but our friendly staff will do their best to find an appointment that works for you and make your experience as comfortable as possible. For more information or to request an appointment, contact us today at (619) 990-5292.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping women overcome the challenges of vaginal symptoms so many experience during and after menopause. Our goal is your goal — to become your full self again, feeling comfortable, more youthful and self-confident in public and in private.

Our Practice

As specialists in women’s health and wellness, our doctors see first-hand how women suffer – needlessly — from changes that occur when estrogen levels decline. We established this practice to help women like you get your life back, thanks to a treatment that is surprisingly simple and excitingly effective.

We have years of experience using state-of-the-art MonaLisa Touch® laser technology to naturally restore the vaginal area to alleviate frustrating symptoms such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal itching
  • Pain or discomfort with intercourse
  • Mild or chronic urinary incontinence