Don’t think that MLT is just for vaginal “tightening” … it is so much more! After menopause I began to experience painful sex… it was like my vagina and outside tissues were indeed turning into tissue paper! I felt like anything too “vigorous” would literally tear my lady parts. I did my research and came across the Mona Lisa Treatment at Dr. Scott Brown’s office. I just finished my 3rd treatment (it’s a pkg of 3) yesterday (abt 4-5 weeks apart). The laser procedure is almost painless. At each session, the laser is a bit more aggressive as it treats the inside of the vagina as well as all the outside tissue near the vagina. That said, my experience has been phenomenal!! Even after the first session, I could feel the difference! It’s like I am in my 30’s again. My tissue and the vaginal region now feel more “resilient” as well as I’m naturally lubricating again!! I also have no more pain w sex. WOW! This is truly a miracle for us post-menopausal ladies. It may have also “tightened” things up, but it’s the other benefits MLT does that need the shout-out! My boyfriend is thrilled because he sees that sex is now enjoyable for me again! He also says things “feel amazing” .. so that’s a win-win!! Dr. Scott and Dr. Elise Brown are a husband/wife team and they are both experts at the procedure. They will calm any nervousness you may have too! The treatment is also quick. Abt 10-15 minutes tops 👍 I could not be happier with my results … !!! If you want your sex life back, I highly recommend Mona Lisa Treatment…

Donna P.

“Nearly twenty-four years ago I heard the words no woman wants to hear―you have Stage III breast cancer. I underwent five months of chemotherapy and a radical mastectomy. I am now 75 years old, healthy, and active, and happy to be here today. But the effects of the chemo are long-lasting and far-reaching. One of the side effects is the thinning of the wall of the vagina. My husband heard about the Mona Lisa treatments and I decided to try them because I had three problems that could possibly be helped. I am glad that I did. After the first treatment, I was very uncomfortable. There is mild discomfort for a day or so following the subsequent treatments, but the benefits far outweigh the discomfort. My sleep is no longer interrupted by trips to the bathroom during the night and I am able to enjoy sex again. The doctors and staff provide a comfortable and caring environment and are available and willing to answer any questions that may arise following the treatment. They will be honest with you if they do not think you will be helped by the treatments.”


‘After the first treatment, there was a noticeable improvement. The procedure has really helped with relieving and minimizing the issues I sought out help for. I went back for a touch-up treatment a year later after some after some of the symptoms had started to return. Downtime and pain were minimal. The staff at Dr. Brown’s office are friendly, knowledgeable, and take their time to answer any questions you might have.”

CH, Patient

“After over a year of procrastination and research I had the MLT. Per my husband this simple procedure has changed our life. I am happy because, sex is back without pain, I no longer pee my pants and all itch from dryness is gone. Don’t be concerned like I was and put it off. Know for the first few days after MLT I merely felt warm down there that diminished after the use of Aquaphor Ointment and any itch diminished with the use of 1% cortisone cream. The Mona Lesa Touch will change your life and your partners life for the better.”


“At 58 years old, after 7 years of celibacy, I began a relationship – the first time we tried to have intercourse it was so painful I had to stop. I tried using Replens and more lubricant, sex became possible but was still extremely painful, afterwards there would be bleeding from the tears in my skin. After much research I decided to make an appointment for a consultation for the Monalisa Touch – Melinda Mitchell was wonderful in providing answers and booked my appointment. Dr. Brown was great – they had a cancellation and I was able to have my first treatment directly after the consultation. The procedure was truly life-changing, I no longer have burning, itching, or UTI. Sex is once again pleasurable. My skin no longer tears. I do still have to use lubricant for intercourse due to being post-menopausal. The procedure itself stings a bit, but after a day that is gone. I would highly recommend this procedure.”

Katy M

“The number one complaint that brought me in was painful intercourse after menopause. My husband was so upset to see how much intercourse hurt me that he stopped trying. After menopause, when I felt ready again, I discovered muscle atrophy and lack of any natural lubrication. I was also experiencing bladder leakage when getting to the toilet. And my bladder leakage was no longer an issue after my very first treatment!! MLT has changed my life. I actually have natural lubrication. Intercourse is no longer painful and it’s spontaneous again. I could not be happier with the results achieved with MLT.”


“As someone who has suffered from UTI’s for upwards of 40 years, I can  honestly say that I have had wonderful positive results from the Mona Lisa Touch sequence of treatments.  The treatments were administered by Elise S. Brown M.D. in her La Mesa office.  The office is very pleasant and  her staff is excellent.  There are a sequence of 3 procedures that last approximately 5 minutes each. The procedures are almost painless and well worth the mild discomfort which lasts for perhaps 1 minute.  Personally I have  had great results and highly recommend Dr. Brown and the Mona Lisa Touch staff and procedures.”

Pam Wilson