Painful sex. Vaginal dryness. Itching. Burning. Discomfort when exercising. Repeated urinary tract infections. Urinary leakage or feelings or urgency. All of these problems can be symptoms of a condition called vaginal atrophy, something that affects more than half of post-menopausal women. But far too many women don’t recognize these as symptoms of some bigger problem, nor do they recognize that these symptoms might all be related to a common cause.

Perhaps worst of all, too few women realize these gynecologic symptoms – all of them – can be successfully treated.

MonaLisa Touch Does Just That

MonaLisa Touch is a non-invasive fractional laser treatment THAT is gentle on the body yet impressively effective when it comes to producing broad, long-lasting improvement. The fractional laser treats just 10% of the target area, but it delivers healing energy to surface, mid-depth and deep skin tissue, to stimulate maximum response.

MonaLisa Touch treatment renews the body’s natural generation of healthy skin tissue and blood vessels and restores pre-menopausal pH levels. As women go through and come out of menopause, estrogen production drops significantly. Estrogen is a major factor in fertility, so in that sense, it is no longer needed. However, estrogen also helps maintain hydration of skin tissue, lubrication of the vaginal canal and a slightly acidic environment that can fight off bacteria.

Without estrogen, unwanted symptoms can start to appear and then linger as frustrating and embarrassing problems.

Menopause isn’t the only cause of vaginal atrophy, there are certain surgeries and medical treatments that cause estrogen loss, and pregnancy and childbirth can play a role, too. Proper diagnosis is important, because some of the symptoms can also point to other health problems.

MonaLisa Touch is the Long-Lasting Option

Because it is really a collection of symptoms, vaginal atrophy is also called genitourinary syndrome of menopause, or GSM. Whatever you call it, though, MonaLisa Touch is the only treatment that addresses all the symptoms and produces long-lasting results.

There are other methods of treating post-menopausal symptoms one by one. For example:

  • Lubricants can help reduce friction during intercourse.
  • Prescription medications can cure urinary tract infections (but not prevent future infections).
  • Estrogen therapy, either whole-body or vaginally-specific, can improve tissue health and urinary symptoms. However estrogen treatment is expensive and it can produce unhealthy side-effects. Women who have had certain types of cancer treatment, or who are undergoing treatment, cannot take hormones.

Instead, MonaLisa Touch offers a fast, simple, convenient solution. It is an in-office procedure that takes only about 5 minutes. The course of treatment includes 3 sessions, a few weeks apart. It is not painful, and there is no downtime needed. It is hormone- and chemical-free, so it is suitable and safe for virtually any woman.

Results in clinical trials were remarkable, and results we’ve witnessed among our own patients are even better than expected. Whether you’re experiencing just one vaginal or urinary symptom, or multiple symptoms, MonaLisa Touch can help make daily living more comfortable, improve your overall quality of life and give you your confidence back.

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